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Good reasons for visiting or living in Phuket

Posted by boss on February 22, 2019
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Phuket is known to many; a place to behold – a location that is quite, well, addictive. To many a man and woman, the love for Phuket often began with a peaceful vacation – which since has evolved to a true passion for staying. If you are not quite convinced about taking the step to come visit or move to Thailand, this article is for you. This article however, is also coined for those that are having a bit of a wrong anticipation of Phuket (that you, as a Thailand-enthusiast could take and show to the person). As with every country, city or village in the world – it all comes down to what you are looking for, how you interact with people and what you expect. Fact is, Phuket has something in store for everyone, but like with locations across the rest of the world – it is not a one-size-fits-all for everyone.

You want to avoid the party scene? No problem. Don’t want to haggle while shopping? No worries. The island of Phuket is so much more than only Patong Beach. In fact, the island itself is so big that there is plenty to do and see. There are many hidden gems to go and see, feel and take in, so you won’t ever have to be bored – unless that is something you are looking for.

Phuket can be as cheap or as expensive, busy or calm, picturesque or urban as you’d want it to be.

Treasury Thailand Real Estatec Dhawa Condominium 03

Come to Phuket if you share a love for beaches

Enjoy long beaches with white sandy beach with turquoise blue water as far as the eye can see? That is what awaits you in Phuket. In fact, there are so many to visit, that you’d never have to stay at the same one two days in a row. From the northern tip of Phuket, where the most beautiful beaches await you to the south – you’re definitely in for a sandy treat or two here in Phuket. Whether you like it less crowded or busy – you’ll be guaranteed to find a perfect match.

Come to Phuket if you have a passion for sailing

It is no secret that some of the most beautiful islands surround the island of Phuket. Unless you can walk on water, you’ll only reach one of these marvels with the help of a boat, a yacht, catamaran – you name it. The Andaman Sea that surrounds Phuket island is so calm that it makes up for a perfect spot for sailing. Whether you are just learning or are already a seasoned sailor, there is something to take in for everyone here. Even if you are planning to learn sailing from the get-go, then Phuket is an excellent spot to learn. It’s affordable, and there are plenty of excellent companies to put your particular skills (or the lack of them) to the test.

If it however is just the sailing you are after, without doing the actual work – then you’ll also have a vast choice of sailing tours to book – but that’s food for a different article.

Treasury Thailand Real Estate Patong Bay Residence Phase 4 03

Come to Phuket if you like snorkeling and diving

Phuket in particular has some of the best spots for snorkeling and diving in Thailand, if not globally. In fact, the island is surrounded by picturesque coral reefs, caves and a vibrant and vivid sea-life. As with the beaches, you’d never have to visit the same spot twice, but still have new things to see. Not even the best movies in the cinema will be able to give you view to remember as much as one snorkeling trip will give you. It is truly is beautiful and rewarding to explore the diversity of life that exists in the water that surrounds Phuket.

Come to Phuket if you love Thai food

Thai food is delicious and extremely addictive. In Phuket, there are plenty of options for good, authentic Thai food. There is something to be had and tried for every taste and budget. From cheap street food to fine dining options – Phuket offers it all. Just take your pick – but beware – the choice isn’t as easy with the abundance of offers that Phuket has in store for you! Even if Thai food is not your thing; there are plenty of restaurants and cafés offering a more international cuisine as well – so you never have to go hungry for long when in Phuket.

Love getting pampered? Come visit one of Phuket’s many Spa’s

Visiting a Spa in Phuket is a sure treat to both body, mind and soul. What may seem like something too expensive to even think about elsewhere in the world, in Phuket it is affordable and of top notch quality. Looking for an average price? To get a benchmark, we can tell you that it is possible to get a good 60 minutes Thai massage starting at 400 THB, so you see – visiting a Spa doesn’t need to break any budget! However, Spa treatments around Phuket can range in price from low to high, depending on what you are looking for.

Treasury Thailand Real Estatec Splendid Condominium 02

Come to Phuket if you enjoy the sunset

Phuket has a lot of good locations where you can truly take in the picturesque and mythical, romantic and calming view of the sunset. Watching a sunset had calming effects to mankind since the first human being first encountered it. Watching the sunset is a relaxing way to reflect on the day that you had and it is peaceful to watch the day turn into night. There are so many vantage points along the west coast of Phuket to catch the sunset, including the many stretches of beach along the coast line that you’d have a hard time choosing a spot for yourself. If you love watching the sunset, come to Phuket.

Come to Phuket if you enjoy a good lifestyle

Do you prefer a good work-life balance? Or if retired already, perhaps a good balance between leisure time and good living? Then Phuket is for you. From luxury villas to townhouses – you’ll find it all in Phuket -at fair and affordable prices. Whether you’d prefer to stay or live in a beautiful resort, villa, condominium, townhouse or beachfront property, there has never been such a wide array of choices like you’ll find in Phuket. And there are almost unlimited options for top notch locations to live in all around Phuket, which provide a proper value for the hard earned money that is invested.

Come enjoy the good views

Phuket has some stunning views to take in. Whether you look inward or out towards the sea; in Phuket you’ll find a perfect view from one of the many hills on the island. From one of these hills around the island, you’ll be able to soak in stunning views of the Andaman Sea and surrounding islands.

Need more reasons to visit or move to Thailand? Feel free to getting in touch with us for a chat about your opportunities!

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